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Live From Amsterdam #4 Caravaggio: Wild Lifestyle and Early Life
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11/12/2020 9:00 AM
Online via zoom
Sebastopol, CA 94574, US
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Live from Amsterdam #4: 
 Caravaggio: Wild Lifestyle and Early Life

with Drs Kees Kaldenbach

Sebastopol Center for the Arts is excited to introduce a new series of online art talks by famed Dutch Art Historian Drs. Kees Kaldenbach. whose credo isTelling short stories in front of works of art so that clients may look at this art with more intense understanding.”


Join us for a no holds barred look into art and sexuality of Caravaggio, with expert art historian and museum docent, Drs Kees Kaldenbach. 


Caravaggio, Early life
The man known worldwide as Caravaggio (1571-1610) is considered the world’s most influential painter. He had his best and most controversial production in Rome between c 1594 and 1605. A life full of ambition, prowess, competition.
He also had his enemies. Caravaggio’s main biographers were Mancini, Baglione, Bellori. They critizised his bad  ‘ínvenzione’ his bad ‘disegno’ his shocking lack of ‘decorum’ and general failings in ‘arte’. Be that as it may, he became a fountain of inspiration to a worldwide group of artists. Today we gasp as his risqué life and his blatant use of male and female loverboys and prostitutes as models for religious paintings, intended for churches. Some of his works, like the Palafrenieri Madonna were refused and ended up in great  private collections such as the Borghese.
Early life. From the village of Caravaggio to Milan to Rome. He studied in Milan with several teachers and was protected by the nobility of his birth region.  His great specialisation was flower still life painting.  Those flowers he often combined with pretty young boys. Hooking up in Rome with his wealthy patron Cardinal Del Monte he widened his artistic scope and output. Notably he was an aggressive, competitive young man, sporting a sword during his walks through Rome, and picking fights where he could. Contacts with male and female loverboys and prostitutes are reflected in many paintings. Generally he is now seen as being bi-sexual with - in his paintings - a preference for scantily clad pretty boys around the age of 15. Please note: this part of his sexuality and wild lifestyle will be approached with European candour, not with politically correct puritanical prudishness.
Full live commentary by the top-level guide Drs Kees Kaldenbach, art historian living in Amsterdam with 20 years of teaching experience.

Join us at 11 am, Thursday Nov 12th 2020 for a fascinating live hour-long lecture.

plus audience Q&A after.

Kees lives and works in the Netherlands, and since Covid-19 has become an international “cyber docent”. This way he continues to share his knowledge and love of Dutch art with the world. Kees is a highly regarded museum docent, author, teacher on society and history, cultural mediator and will teach us via ZOOM, live from Amsterdam.


***Please note this is a live event and will not be recorded for later viewing***

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 Our guide and teacher Drs Kees Kaldenbach

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